Let our business enterprise software tools help you sell real-world tools.

At RIMSS, we design business enterprise software exclusively for dealers who sell trucks, buses, agriculture, construction, or forestry equipment, as well as independent parts and service businesses to keep it all running. Through our 40+ year tradition of evolving product design, superior service and business integrity, we’ve earned their trust. We’ve also earned certified or elite status with a number of OEMs.


We're down to earth

So expect straight talk. Always. Example: "Business enterprise software can either be complicated, disruptive and expensive, or it can be easy to learn, flexible and worth every penny. We make the latter." Want more? Visit with us anytime.


We act like a partner — not a vendor

Use our software tools and see. You’ll get customized functions in addition to comprehensive training and total support. Our support is staffed by knowledgeable analysts ready to help you.


We keep things simple

Our proprietary WinNetStar systems are real-time, flexible, highly sophisticated and capable of numerous data mining functions. Yet, you'll also find them easy to learn and easy to use, with a beautifully intuitive interface.


We do almost anything for you

Enjoy greater control over your parts department, accounts receivable and payable, inventory, productivity reviews, sales, rentals, payroll, manufacturer communications and more.


We go anywhere, too

Some mobile functions are already accessible and a comprehensive app is in development now. In addition, our proprietary programming translates easily for any market you want to reach: English has been joined by French and Spanish.

We grow with your company

WinNetStar, as an enterprise software tool, is scalable and customizable. This allows you to run multiple corporations, single locations, or multiple locations across your state, region, or different countries.


We're 100% Microsoft® Technologies

No "window dressing" here — we completely rebuilt all of our proprietary software programs to a pure Microsoft® Technologies platform to assure you of faster, easier, fully integrated, and more secure systems on affordable and universally available equipment and IT infrastructures.

RIMSS Dealer Management Software

We're in for the long haul

We've spent 40+ years earning a reputation for reliability, staying ahead of the tech curve, foretelling client needs and delivering capabilities in a timely manner. And we’re not about to stop now.