Why is your software in Microsoft® Technologies?

In 2006, RIMSS saw the need for a proprietary business system application to be designed, developed, and deployed based primarily on Microsoft® Technologies. The worldwide acceptance of Microsoft® Office and other Microsoft® Technologies-based applications has proved the versatility and adaptability of this technology. RIMSS wanted to enhance the user’s experience with a system they are already familiar with, while providing a network that supports multiple configurations and easily adapts to future software developments. RIMSS’ goal is not only to meet your needs for today, but to grow with you and your business.

Is it easy to use your software?

Quite simply, yes! Most users are already familiar with Microsoft® Technologies-based software and our easy-to-navigate screens make the transition even easier.

Can I access my data easily?

Retrieval of data is simply done through the user interface. There are no third party software applications or RIMSS add-ons that are required to create meaningful reports based on your data.  RIMSS feels that it is the customer’s data and it should be easy to access from the office or sitting on a beach in Hawaii.

Why Fetch?

Our Black Labrador office mascot, Nacho, affectionately known as our “Chairman of the Bone”, inspired the concept of “Fetch.” After all, what better way to retrieve your data than by calling on man’s best friend?!

What languages is your software available in?

RIMSS values the versatility and ease of application of our business solutions software and is always seeking news ways to expand its serviceability. As a result, RIMSS is proud to offer its WinNetStar software in English, French and Spanish.

How long has RIMSS been in business?

Responsive Information Management Systems and Services was founded in April 1983. Our founder, Tom Jarrett Sr., was a long-tenured employee of International Harvester and saw the need for a software tool that was geared toward the truck and agricultural market.

Where is your office located?

RIMSS is based in San Antonio, Texas, and our Canadian office is located in Medicine Hat, Alberta.