The first word in our name makes us the last word in personalized service.

Our full name is Responsive Information Management Systems & Services. Most people just call us RIMSS – and have since our founding in 1983. But the longer we’re around, the more important we realize our “first name” is. Early on, before most businesses were comfortable with computers, “responsive” was a promise about how well the program itself could work.

These days, with everyone almost overly connected to internet and technology, we want the word to convey a different promise. One that says you can always count on a personal response us. On a real person answering if you actually phone us (!) or responding quickly if you text or email with a question. On fast help with any challenge or problem. On support for any of our software, anytime, at no added cost to your dealership.

In short, we’ll always be responsive to you.

If that sounds a little old fashioned, remember this. For over 30 years, it’s been our business to foresee the future well enough to help your company face it with confidence. But not without first making sure we were always fully grounded in certain traditional principles: integrity, teamwork and trust.

Those are things we learned from our founder.


Tom Jarrett Sr. quickly learned that 1983 wasn’t the best time to start a software business. Inflationary economy, scarce resources, and competition from more established companies made things difficult.

But Jarrett – an Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam – was used to challenges. He wasn’t afraid of hard work or commitment. And he felt certain that RIMSS could find success if we (1) studied and solved specific customer needs and (2) exceeded expectations through product design, superior service and business integrity.

The term “enterprise software” wasn’t yet common, but that was the direction we were heading. First, we selected a market Jarrett already knew: agriculture, truck, construction, bus, and parts and service businesses. In software system requirements, these were similar in structure but each would require some customization, as well. So we studied company organization, identified functions that could be automated or otherwise simplified, and integrated these into custom programs – ones that would allow faster and more accurate inventories, sales, accounting, and more.

Jarrett’s instincts proved correct. We succeeded. Today, RIMSS remains a family owned and operated company. And our ______ clients enjoy simpler, faster and more powerful ways to control, scale, track and refine their operations – plus periodic updates, improvements and support at no added cost.


Sign on with RIMSS and our whole team will be working on your behalf. But because we remain committed to personal contact, you won’t find it hard to reach the movers, shakers and decision makers here – even before you commit. And here’s who “we” are.