General - Accounting

Assigning Misc Charges to Document Types

How to have Misc Charges only show on the Document Types they apply to

Basic Accounting Information

Helpful accounting information.

Budget Module

Procedures for creating a budget

Chart of Accounts

Procedures for the set up and maintenance of the Chart of Accounts

Check Form Specifications

Detail specifications for printed check forms

CNH Customer Sales Report

Procedures for creating CNH Customer Sales History Report

Creating Daily Deposits

How to create the daily bank deposits

Critical Procedures for Dealers

Schedule of Recommended Accounting Procedures

Customer Charge Account Numbers

General Setup information for manufacturer charge accounts

Customer Purchase Order

Procedures for the setup and use of Customer Purchase Orders

DevExpress Reports

How to create custom reports using DevExpress Reports in Advanced Reporting

Disposal of Fixed Assets

Document Edit Rules

Rules on how documents can be edited or voided

Hard Close Periods

How to Hard Close Periods

How Do I Produce a List of Suppliers Who Should Receive 1099?

How to Associate Revenue and COGS Accounts

How to Reference a General Ledger Account

Importing Data from Excel into a Journal Entry

How to use an Excel spreadsheet to import Data into a Journal Entry

Including Copies of Invoices with Customer Statements

Journal Entry Quick Keys

How to quickly enter journal entries using the 10 key

Monthly Manufacturer Statement Processing

Outside Parts and Labor

Procedures for using and reconciling Outside Parts and Labor

Override Credit Limit

How to override customer credit limits on Invoices

Recurring Payments and Recurring Journal Entries

How to create recurring Payments and Journal Entries

Report Writing

Procedures for creating custom reports

Reprinting Checks

How to reprint checks with the “Check Reprint” popup

Sales Tax

Procedures for set up and payment of Sales Tax

Soft Accounting Close

How to create and delete a Soft Accounting Close

Time Tracking

Using the Time Tracking System within the Employee Module

Updating Sale Tax Rates

How to update Sales Tax Rates